First ever Norwegian Winter ELSA Law School!

The 05.-12. February, the very first Norwegian WELS was organized in Tromsø.

ELSA Law Schools is one of ELSA’s biggest projects. As the name suggests, this is a summer or winter school offered to ELSA members. The school consists of an academic program linked to a chosen legal theme, as well as a social and cultural programme. From 179 applications 30 law students from all over Europe was selected to participate in this Nordic adventure.

The legal winter school was held in Tromsø with the theme «Law of The Sea». The ocean has always been an important resource to Norway, with activities ranging from fishing and whaling to oil, gas and renewable energies. Tromsø has many institutions, firms and specialists in this area, which made it the perfect place to learn about the Law of the Sea.

During the week, the participants gained new knowledge in skipping, navigation, maritime resources, negotiations, the maritime environment in accordance with climate change, and what it is like to work with maritime law, among other things.

We want to give a huge thanks to our academic partners for sharing their knowledge on the topic “law of the sea” with our participants!

The week wouldn’t have been possible without you!

So thank you to Havrettssenteret, UiT Norges arktiske universitetKvale Advokatfirma Wægger Negotiation InstituteAdvokatfirmaet Østgård DA and Equinor.

A huge tanke you as well to our sponsors for making WELS Tromsø possible! Thanks to ELSA Tromsø, JuristforbundetKvale Advokatfirma UiT Norges arktiske universitet and Advokatfirmaet Østgård DA.

The participants also got a taste of Tromsøs cultural life. The week was filled with museum tours, a bout trip with Hermes II, wishing the Arctic Cathedral, seeing the maritim life up close at Polaria, and so much more. They were among other things able to test their stamina by swimming in the arctic sea at PUST sauna.

ELSA Norways organization committee want`s to thank all of the participants for making ELSA Norway`s very first law school so magical! We hope all of you enjoyed your time in the cold north!