Kåre I. Moljord

Kåre I. Moljord is partner at Arntzen de Besche, and a part of the dispute resolution, litigation and construction department. Moljord was admitted to the Norwegian Supreme Court in 1999, and he has presented a number of cases of principle about corporate law. Furthermore, Moljord is the leader of the Disciplinary Committee of Oslo District of the Norwegian Bar Association, and he has previously worked as a deputy judge. In 2013, Moljord was appointed one of the top 10 best lawyers in the Norwegian Financial Times Lawyer survey, and has an educational background from the University of Oslo. Moljord also regularly acts as arbitrator and is listed as recommended arbitrator with Oslo Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Legal 500 quotes sources that says Moljord is «Excellent litigator» and «trustworhty» (Dispute Resolution) and have ” the professional credentials that the market needs’ (Insurance).

Terje Granvang

Terje Granvang is a partner at Arntzen de Besche, and is a part of the dispute resolution, litigation and construction department at the law firm. Granvang has wide experience with negotiations, and he works with extensive and complicated dispute resolutions. Moreover, Granvang has previously worked as advisor for the Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources, and he has been a lecturer at the faculty of law at the University of Oslo. Terje got his qualifying law degree at the University of Oslo.

Roar Wægger

Roar Wægger has been working for the Norwegian Association of Lawyers since 2008, specialized in labour law and negotiations. He is also an assistant professor at the University of Oslo, teaching the course “Handling of Conflicts”. He has many years of practical negotiation experience as an elected representative in the Norwegian Tax Administration and through the American conflict resolution organization PeacePlayers. From these experiences, he is a proponent of making lawyers more conscious of other ways to resolve conflicts than in the courtroom. Wægger has his theoretical background from PON at Harvard Law School and Straus institute at Pepperdine Law School. With his vast experience within the field, he also started  his own institute in 2017; Wægger Negotiation Institute.

Arne Fliflet

Arne Fliflet is Norwegian Supreme Court Attorney. He recieved cand.jur in 1971. From 1990 to 2014, he was Parliamentary Ombudsman. He is thereby the person who has had this representative for the longest time in Norwegian history. Fliflet has furthermore worked as a Lecturer at the University of Oslo and as an assistant judge at Sunnfjord. He has also worked as a lawyer with the Attorney General of Civil Affairs. In addition to this, he was for several years partner at the law firm Thommessen. Fliflet was appointed Commander of The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav for his services as Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Christer Mjåset

Christer Mjåset is a specialist in neurosurgery. His educational background is from the University of Oslo. Mjåset is the leader of the Norwgian Junior Doctors and Vice President of the Norwegian Medical Association.
He has participated in numerous major collective bargaining in the health sector.
He was also responsible for the organization of the hospital strike in 2016 for The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations for Health (Akademikerne Helse).

Erling Høyte

Erling Høyte is partner at Arntzen de Besche, and is a part of the commercial property department at the law firm. Høyte has expertise in real estate and construction law, and he has wide experience with dispute resolution and litigation. Høyte has previously worked as a scientific assistant at the institute of maritime law at the University of Oslo, and as a register at the Ytre Follo Disctrict Court. Erling Høyte has an educational background from the University of Oslo.

Kristine Beitland

Kristine Beitland is Director of Corporate Affairs at Microsoft Norway. A former member of the Government’s Digital Vulnerability Committee. Board member of the Norwegian Center for Information Security, American Chamber of Commerce in Norway, and SmartCity Bærum. Trained lawyer. Former Director of the Business and Industrial Security Council. 16 years in the police. Head of the Organized Crime Section, the National Police Directorate, and a head of Department, the National Police Immigration Service, and a former prosecutor and head of the Oslo Police District’s largest prosecution team.

Lena Lundgreen

Lena Lundgreen is Director Public Sector at Microsoft Norway. She has previously worked several years in Avande responsible for Collaboration (SharePoint) in the Nordics and Country Manager Norway. Earlier in her career she worked as a legal director at Itera Consulting and as a lawyer at the law firm Hjort. Her educational background is from the University of Oslo and NHH – Norwegian School of Economics. In 2017, Lundgreen was named one of Norway’s 50 leading women in IT under the category management of Abelia and ODA Network.

Emilie Enger Mehl

Emilie Enger Mehl is member of the Norwegian Parliament for the period 2017-2021 for Hedmark County, Centre Party. She is member of the Standing Comittee on Justice and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). She holds a Master of laws from the University of Oslo and is currently on leave from her position as an associate lawyer at the law firm Elden. Mehl has held a number of political positions, among other things deputy director of Centre Party Youth.

Erlend Haaskjold

Erlend Haaskjold is partner at Arntzen de Besche, and head of their international arbitration practice group. Haaskjold was admitted to the Norwegian Supreme Court in 2003, and he has litigated in the European Court of Human Rights. Moreover, he is an experienced arbitrator in both national and international disputes, and he has been called as expert witness on Norwegian commercial law in other jurisdictions. Haaskjold he has previously been a deputy judge at Stjør- og Verdal District Court, and his educational background is from the University of Oslo, London School of Economics and the University of Oxford.

Michael Rummelhoff

Michael  Rummelhoff  has  since  2011  worked  as  an  associate  at  the  Norwegian  Association  of  Lawyers.  Rummelhoff  has  a  candidate of Law from the university of Oslo, and in addition to  that  three  other  degrees  in  political  science,  French,  and  Middle  East  –  North  African  Studies.  He  has  also  headed  the  international  committee  at  Red  Cross  Oslo  and  the  regional  office  at  Housing  and  Property  Directorate,  United  Nations  Misson  in  Kosovo.  He  has  worked  as  a  Liaison  officer  for  the  EU/ARGO in Rwanda and Burundi and as an advisor for the Norwegian  directorate  of  Immigration.  From  1995  to  2002,  he  was  also  a  member  of  the  municipal  council  in  Lørenskog  municipality.